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Bishop Demetrius J. Sinegal, Ph.D. is noted as an end time and highly sought after prophet of God to the global body of Christ. He is sent into regions and nations to effect a paradigm shift in the spirit and minds of those he is sent to leaving an indelible impression that provokes a pursuit of Jesus Christ. It is through his commitment to manifesting the Kingdom that Bishop Sinegal has been able to reach countless people from all socioeconomic backgrounds, races, and nationalities.


He has earned a Bachelors of Science in political science, a masters of arts in pastoral counseling, and finally earned a Ph.D. in Theology. In addition he holds a post-graduate certificate in traumatic stress studies. He has been privileged to adjunct at several bible colleges, seminaries, and universities. He is also the founder and executive director of Safehouse #Unmuzzled Advocacy Group. Safehouse #Unmuzzled serves as a first line of defense for victims of gross clergy abuse and predatory clergy sexual misconduct within the African American charismatic church.


For more than 29 years Bishop Sinegal has dedicated his life to the work of Jesus Christ through his powerful ministry. He is a churchman and second generation episcopate. Recognized by President Barack Obama as “Bishop of the Year” in 2011, his reach has transcended both social and religious boundaries. As an author, counselor, advisor, advocate, and successful businessman he has been deliberate to take the demonstration of the Kingdom into the world.


Bishop Sinegal is the Senior Pastor of The Kingdom Church with multiple locations and he has been duly consecrated in apostolic succession, a Bishop in the Lord's church. He serves as the International Presiding Bishop & Chief Apostle of the Kingdom Churches In Covenant International. In addition to his local and international pastoral responsibilities, he is the founder of the College of Prophets, a modern day collective for prophets and prophetic.

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